Infolink Sponsors Halloween Event at Jamuna Future Park

  • Infolink Limited
  • 29-Oct-2021
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Infolink Limited being one of the leading internet service providers in Bangladesh is proud to sponsor the whole event Halloween (Dance to Dead) which was held at Jamuna Future Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The event continued for 3 days. From the first day till the end of the event Infolink Limited was able to provide uninterrupted internet connectivity for the event. However, during the first day of the event, Infolink Limited provides internet connectivity creates a completed Wi-Fi zone throughout the whole zone. Infolink Limited intended to bring all the people of the Halloween party under the umbrella of internet connectivity and let everyone enjoy the power of the internet.

With sponsoring throughout the event Infolink Limited has also taken the opportunity to let it’s expert people help the organizers with internet connectivity throughout the event and also have helped the visitors to know more about Infolink and its products as well.

Infolink Limited had been the sponsor for internet connectivity in several events. This particular event was a breakthrough for the company. As being a public event, Infolink Limited had the opportunity to test its strength and had completed what is needed for the event and is one of the Internet Service Providers to maintain and serve its customers or participants in the event with un-interrupted and smooth internet. 

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