What to do to be safe from Ransomware

  • Infolink Limited
  • 10-Oct-2019
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Ransomware has become a serious security threat over the last few days. The malware asks for a ‘ransom’ in exchange for letting users regain access to their data & system. Attackers want a handsome amount to recover your data within time time period. Still it’s not suggested and guaranteed that after paying data will be recover without any loss. 75+ Country already affected for this. Be aware, stay safe.

What to do to:

1. Old Software versions are one of the used gate- ways for ransomware attacks. Update your software to newer version. Outdated systems have inherent security risks. Avoid to use old systems and upgrade it with new hardware and Operating System.

2. What is ransomware target? Quite simply data. So if you have got no backup data plan, you let ransomware win, hands down. Keep your data backup now.

3. Install renowned brand anti virus to avoid easy access to your system.

Even if you update all your software and maintain your system properly, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to get away from ransomware. It can enters through emails and open source network and starts taking over your data. So the best preventive measure is backing up your professional & Personal data.

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